Head Cook and co-founder Juan Alberto Ayala is from Toa Alta, Puerto Rico and grew up inspired by parents' and grandparents' recipes. A natural born cook, Juan has over 15 years of experience in restaurant management and brings the “sazón” of Puerto Rico to all his dishes.

Founder Alexis Carbajal was raised by immigrant parents from Chihuahua, Mexico in Phoenix, Arizona. A natural problem solver, Alexis has over 10 years of experience working with startups and wearing many different hats.

In 2013 after traveling on vacation to the island for the first time, Alexis fell in love with the island and his partner and moved to Puerto Rico. It wasn’t long before they made plans to combine their strengths to launch a mobile food services business in Phoenix.

​In 2015, they founded Phoenix Coquí and began working towards making their dream of bringing the “sazón” and “diversión” of Puerto Rico to the valley. They launched their first food truck in summer of 2017.